Pistons and piston rings

Why piston rings contaminate by carbon deposits?

Engine carbon cleaning piston rings

Most often, pollution and accumulation of carbon deposits is derived by low quality fuel, excessive fuel injection, poor air filter or the mileage of the car. When deposits become much they accumulate mainly on the foreheads of the pistons, which prevents the proper turbulence of air-fuel mixture is evenly distributed throughout the cylinder. In the other case, carbon is deposited in pistons rings and it prevents better sealing and better compression.

It can also be obtained stuck piston ring and then through it begins to flow oil, which in turn negatively affects other elements such as Turbo and its geometry, engine valves, DPF or catalyst, because they begin to accumulate scales and carbon deposits. The worst thing is that the accumulated carbon particles on piston rings create many times more friction between cylinder, piston rings and piston as carbon particles with very high hardness! Ordinary to remove these deposits may use different fuel additives or complicated ways with complete disassembly of the engine, which is difficult, lengthy process and expensive procedure that is risky as well.

Carbon cleaning deposits on piston rings

How to clean the pistons and piston rings without dismantling?

the temperature and sublimates layered carbon deposits. With the rise and octane fuel is changed and the frequency of operation of the motor, which contributes further to unstick and disposal of carbon deposits on pistons and piston rings. With one procedure of 60 minutes we clean also engine valves, Turbocharger, Diesel Particulate Filter or catalytic converter. Carbon Cleaning can save you significant costs for replacement parts and prevent future problems caused by scales and carbon deposits.