Carbon cleaning benefits

hho engine carbon cleaner
Carbon cleaning benefits are much more than you pay for replacing expensive parts. Before proceeding to replace expensive parts, you can decarbonise your engine with Carbon Cleaner in just 1 hour without disassembly

        Quick and easy

  • Removes scale from all types of engines-diesel & petrol
  • Recovers engine performance and fuel consumption back to original
  • Prevents wearing and avoid fouling expensive parts (DPF/FAP, injectors, valves …)
  • Reduces engine noise
  • Reduces emissions of exhaust fumes
  • Prolongs the engine life
  • Facilitates the passage of an annual technical inspection (MOT), especially regarding the emissions

DPF / FAP filter or catalyst is also a serious expense – between 700 and 1300 €. The lack of this components in the engine lead to suffocation engine for various reasons, such as mostly city driving, poor fuel quality, speed restrictions or total mileage of the vehicle.

hho carbon cleaner benefits